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Tutoring services are provided at the student’s home, at a local library, or at the tutor’s home.

Many students begin the tutoring process with a baseline test – whether this is a PSAT, a mock SAT, a mock ACT or a recent “cold” test.  (Read my recent blog regarding how to decide between the SAT and ACT.) During the school year, tutoring sessions are generally held on a weekly basis, scheduling a consistent day/time slot when practical.  During the summer, session times are often more flexible to accommodate jobs, travel and student availability.  Skype tutoring is also available, particularly for boarding school students and students not in the local area.

We recommend starting a tutoring program a minimum of 2-1/2 months prior to a test.  Session times are generally 90 minutes or one hour in length.  Session goals include presenting strategies and pacing, teaching techniques and short-cuts, reviewing content, increasing flexibility in approaches, and creating responsibility and accountability for practice.  The ACT and SAT are highly "practice-able" tests, so building "muscle memory" is critical.  Between tutoring sessions, students are expected to devote a minimum of 1.5 hours a week to independent practice, dividing this time up into smaller, manageable increments.

 We use the best test prep material available -- starting with the test-maker's materials and tests.  We constantly add other sources and create individualized packets for our students.  Students are expected to purchase one main test prep book (and supplementary vocabulary books for the SAT); we typically provide the bulk of the remaining material.

Tutoring fees are based on a market hourly rate.  A 10% discount is offered for a prepaid initial block of 10 sessions.  Please call to discuss rates.

Other tutoring services offered: SAT2 subject tests for Math1, Math2 tests and English Literature; SSAT/ISEE; GMAT and GRE tutoring.  College application essay consultation and general academic tutoring in Geometry, Algebra2 and Pre-calculus also offered.